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donkey's diary

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acrylic paints, acting, actors, albert payson terhune, androgyny, antarctica, anthropomorphics, anxiety, argyle socks, art, atlantic city, beef, big bands, biographies, birth, blues, books, budgerigars, channeling, characters, chinese, chocolate, clairvoyance, country and western, couples, deadlands, derek joyce, details, disability, diseases, dogs, drawing, dreams, ducks, dungeons and dragons, fan fiction, farming, fishes, flower gardens, forensics, frances hodgson burnett, gardening, ghosts, gospel, grooming, handsaws, hate, healing, heterosexuality, hip hop, history, homosexuality, horseback riding, horses, hot baths, humiliation, humility, huskies, insects, interspecies families, jeffrey channing wells, labrador retrievers, laura ingalls wilder, leprosy, love, meat, memory, mothers and sons, mst3k, mundementia one, music, musicals, nero wolfe, obedience, pain, painting, parallels, pathology, perennials, pets, photography, predictions, presence, prostitution, puzzles, pythons, rabbits, radio, rats, reading, reincarnation, responsible nonmonogamy, rock and roll, roleplaying, rot, saints, sex, shipwrecks, siblings, sketching, sluggy freelance, snakes, so weird, solutions, spiders, spirituality, steers, stephen ratliff, stng, stockboys, stories, telepathy, the arctic, the deep ocean, the dukes of hazzard, the edmund fitzgerald, the great depression, the old west, the roaring twenties, the south, the x-files, theatre, train wrecks, transformations, transgenderism, transsexualism, tsa, twin peaks, unconventional relationships, webcomics, wildlife, women, writing