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The X-Files:

SCULLY: (Shouting into cell phone) Mulder! Mulder, listen
to me! You can't believe this because then my own fragile
belief system will crumble because you're not supporting
it! (Frowning at phone) He must be out of range.


ANYONE IN THE CAST: You're an ass.

HOUSE: (twirling cane and EXITing) It's easier just to
admit that you want me.

Babylon 5:

GARIBALDI: You know, Commander, every year of my life, I
become more and more convinced that the wisest and the
best is to focus our attention on the good and the
beautiful, if we just take the time to look at it.

SINCLAIR: You're some guy, Garibaldi.


MALCOLM REYNOLDS: Slash partner rotation will be posted
in the galley weekly next to the dishes schedule. And,
Simon, if I catch you in a bunk with two women on one
week again I'm partnering you with Jayne for two

SIMON: Does my sister count as one of the women?


BONES: Don't call me "Bones".

BOOTH: I didn't.

Six Feet Under:

Six Feet Under will not appear tonight due to
excessive functionality of the main characters.
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These are my options as I see them, though maybe I don't really have any options at all:

EDIT 2: We decided to go with the Shia option.
1) Get Shia to please come over here with me and write write write. That would still take too long to leave Fox on suspension, but it's hard to say whether Fox could adversely (too X-Filesely) affect the story in the spaces where I think I don't have ideal motivations and so on.

2) Take down the story and call it good. But that means my journal looks so cluttered I'd have to go back and clean up / out some of the old entries, too.

3) Leave the journal as it is, except post a "movie as told by your friend who saw it" version of events after the last completed part; this would take more than one post to do, which gives only some idea of how long this thing really gets. And when I told Jeff everything I know-- which always means the end of writing, since I never do art which has already "gone somewhere"-- I didn't even include the little bits and pieces with Ducky and the dinosaurs.

_Not_ an option: Leaving everything as it is without adding the Firefly completion. The journal has been in suspension unless I'm posting Firefly or the other stories I posted-- the quick ones.

Problem: When I thought I went to take down what's up and just save it for my use, last night, I found I lost all good feeling re my soundtracks, I felt sad. Had been making decent progress recently. I also feel as if I can't write other stuff until this is done, or more specifically, my full-length Daniel Pinkwater fanfiction ain't happening if this one ain't.

EDIT upon reading this back right away to myself: I definitely find it most appealing to go back and clean up this journal either way.
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Firefly: Just a Little Favor for a Friend Pt. 18

The Little Lame Prince


Simon made his way, drifting, to River's room, where he slid to the deck near her bunk. She had been lying on her belly, heels crossed up over her back, changing every other numeral on a computerized counted cross-stitch frame to see what would happen to the tiny birds in the pattern.

"Jayne's awake," she said.

Simon nodded. His expression was one of despair.

River reached over and tousled Doc's hair.

"This wasn't my job, you know. When my part, the trauma part, was over with, they'd go into intensive care. Or into therapy."

"And now you have friends for patients."

Simon's face crumpled.

"Okay, Brother. You clearly need to get some perspective on what your responsibility is to Jayne Cobb. You work so many miracles that you've forgotten that's not your job description."

"I think I'll sit here for the rest of my life."
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Nostalgia and Mastery

I'm still working on Firefly fanfiction. I've been working on it in notes right along (kind of-- I hit a snag for awhile), but I've been sitting on a nearly-finished part for several months. I have the stuff that needs to go at the end of the part, and haven't finished it.

I think it's funny that LJ's spellcheck chokes on "fanfiction" as one word.

Collapse ) But -- hard to explain. I have to do a lot of work and I'm looking forward to it.

Edited to add: Well, I already changed my mind about one thing. I'm more relaxed and productive in general if every day is an "on" day (though I'm glad I took the day off over the weekend after leaving the outside job).
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Stark White Red Dwarf

Thank you for your indulgence while I sidetrack from Firefly into Red Dwarf for a moment. From Feech and Arnold "I Hope You're Happy" Rimmer to Chan.

The subject header / title is from a dream.


SCENE: RIMMER and LISTER'S quarters, Red Dwarf. HOLLY listens as RIMMER gestures and expounds. LISTER smokes and plays a game in which a ball bearing must be sunk in a hole in a cardboard cutout.

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