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How to Write Supernatural Fan Fiction

In minutes. Amaze your friends.


Basic Elements:

Dean gets one expression:
1) Unsure

Sam gets two:
1) Steadfastly expectant
2) Irritated

Sam uses expressions in place of dialogue.

Dean gets dialogue as follows: "Sam!?"

What Sam did just before Dean engages in dialogue can be selected at random from the following new, expanded Basic list:

1) Sam has been abducted by a:
a) ghost
b) monster
c) human being

2) Sam is out of Dean's sight because:
a) Sam stepped into the next room.
b) Dean is reading in bed and does not wish to look up to see whether Sam is at the foot of the bed.

3) Sam is enjoying himself
a) in Dean's vicinity
b) across town
c) across the country
d) on another planet
and will be strategically interrupted by Dean whether Dean is consciously aware of this or not.


Advanced class:

Obviously, you can write a Supernatural fan fiction using only Sam and Dean or, if desired, just Dean, with Sam offscreen while Dean calls his name. However, if you wish to flesh out your world with additional characters, there are 3 basic categories of supporting cast:

1) Monsters
2) People who know something about the monsters and:
a) aren't friends of the Winchesters
b) are friends of the Winchesters, and therefore have been clearcut with the rest of the cast in the previous season, allowing you to try your hand at alternate reality fiction in which they are still alive.
3) Everyone else

Dialogue for additional characters:

Monsters: Anything goes. Select a phrase they like to repeat, or they can just say "rar".

People who know something about the monsters and aren't friends of the Winchesters:
"Why, Dean Winchester. Now here's what we'll do."

People who know something about the monsters and are friends of the Winchesters:
"Hi, Dean. Nice to see you. Now here's what we'll do."

Everyone else:
"You're not cops."


Dean's unsure expression can be infused with the following subtelties:

a) You think this is as awesome as I think it is?
b) You don't think this is as awesome as I do.
c) This isn't awesome at all!
d) Damnit.
e) That was pretty awesome, though, right?

Sam's expressions can be accented with a verbal scoff. This is in the Advanced category due to the tendency for the technique to become heavy-handed. Sam's expressions alone have the power to destroy whole cities.

If, in addition to coding Dean's dialogue as bold, you also use italics, the following option is added to Sam's activities:

3B) Cross-dressing.


Basic Examples:

Sam Winchester's expression was steadfast and expectant. His brother paused, unsure, then relented and handed Sam the last chicken wing.

The End


Dean turned around quickly. "Sam?!"

The End


Advanced Examples:

"Why, Dean Winchester. Now, here's what we'll do."

Sam looked irritated. He scoffed.

The End



The End
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