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These are my options as I see them, though maybe I don't really have any options at all:

EDIT 2: We decided to go with the Shia option.
1) Get Shia to please come over here with me and write write write. That would still take too long to leave Fox on suspension, but it's hard to say whether Fox could adversely (too X-Filesely) affect the story in the spaces where I think I don't have ideal motivations and so on.

2) Take down the story and call it good. But that means my journal looks so cluttered I'd have to go back and clean up / out some of the old entries, too.

3) Leave the journal as it is, except post a "movie as told by your friend who saw it" version of events after the last completed part; this would take more than one post to do, which gives only some idea of how long this thing really gets. And when I told Jeff everything I know-- which always means the end of writing, since I never do art which has already "gone somewhere"-- I didn't even include the little bits and pieces with Ducky and the dinosaurs.

_Not_ an option: Leaving everything as it is without adding the Firefly completion. The journal has been in suspension unless I'm posting Firefly or the other stories I posted-- the quick ones.

Problem: When I thought I went to take down what's up and just save it for my use, last night, I found I lost all good feeling re my soundtracks, I felt sad. Had been making decent progress recently. I also feel as if I can't write other stuff until this is done, or more specifically, my full-length Daniel Pinkwater fanfiction ain't happening if this one ain't.

EDIT upon reading this back right away to myself: I definitely find it most appealing to go back and clean up this journal either way.
Tags: firefly
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