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World's Shortest Again: Sherlock

SHERLOCK: You're right! That was fantastic.

JOHN: Is this about yesterday, or the time before?

SHERLOCK: Two days ago. When I slammed you against the wall and you tore my clothes off.

JOHN: Yes, quite. It was fantastic. I believe I said so at the time.

SHERLOCK: How did you do that?

JOHN: Do what?

SHERLOCK: How did you seem to just know? It's almost frightening. As if, damn... As if you don't have to think about it at all.
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Justice All Night Part One

Justice All Night

A Tales of the Starbuck Avenger!!! fan fiction
by Feech

"On September 11th, 2009, the invasive spiny water flea (Bythotrephes longimanus) was discovered by the limnology class at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, making it the third known inland lake to harbor this species in Wisconsin."
--Wikipedia entry on Lake Mendota

"So teh speike s culd be released and liek flye trhourh the air. It was a shiney black amsbinomation. Which it was like farmiliar crazey scaryu to Tricia AKA THE STARBUCK AVENGER becaze she had a rtaormatic expreience from berfrore like in my pervious story. But she said bralvely, Brign it on Bitch. Okay."
--The Laek Abdomniation (tentative title), work in progress, proofread pending. By Bruce Carmichael

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Seeley Booth Talks With the Devil

Yo Jeff, you can slot this right in between "Baggage" and "Help Me" (House episodes). It's going to take until the beginning of Season six Bones for them to catch up to this specific instance, since they have a lot of ground to cover. I could tell from Sweets on the disc we were on in conjunction with House that he hadn't got here yet. So we'll catch that on DVD. These conversations take place after the story I told you about, have notes for, but haven't written. Title by Booth because Feech's idea was stupid and boring.

To anyone else who happens to be reading: We don't have TV hooked up at our house. We use DVDs to watch the previous seasons. :)


SWEETS: Dr. Wilson, can I just--


(Door slams)

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From tyrc-- questionnaire with Mr. Winchester

At first, I thought I'd do this to see if I could pull any information out of John (who is supposed to have given and be giving me information, and whose full explanations tend to trail off with "I had a very good reason to do this", but it's impossible to sneak up on this man with a question. However, let's see John do this, anyway, answering (or not) 38 questions without using any words.

The Rules of Engagement:
1) Choose one of your own characters. (Let's just be clear that our subject does not belong to anyone.)
2) Make them answer the following questions. <-- make them answer?
3) Feel free to add some questions of your own. (I've got further questions for this dude, but we'll save those for a non generalized form)

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