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From tyrc-- questionnaire with Mr. Winchester

At first, I thought I'd do this to see if I could pull any information out of John (who is supposed to have given and be giving me information, and whose full explanations tend to trail off with "I had a very good reason to do this", but it's impossible to sneak up on this man with a question. However, let's see John do this, anyway, answering (or not) 38 questions without using any words.

The Rules of Engagement:
1) Choose one of your own characters. (Let's just be clear that our subject does not belong to anyone.)
2) Make them answer the following questions. <-- make them answer?
3) Feel free to add some questions of your own. (I've got further questions for this dude, but we'll save those for a non generalized form)

Hi, John. Can we talk?

*John nods*

1) What gender are you?

*hooks thumb in belt and rolls eyes*

2) What is your age?

*patronizing smile*

3) Do you want a hug?

*attempts to engage in French kiss*

4) Do you have any bad habits?

*delighted smile*

5) What is your favorite food?

*pulls pack of gum and bottle of hot sauce and plastic sealed venison jerky out of pocket, separates venison jerky from lint and other items and holds it up*

6) What is your favorite ice-cream flavor?

*serious consideration*

7) Are you a virgin?

*barely suppressed hilarity*

8) Have you killed anyone?

*dark glower ends this line of inquiry*

9) Do you hate anyone?

*puzzled headshake*

10) Do you have any secrets?

*entirely blank expression, the one Dean can approximate but not ever totally match*

11) What is your favorite season?

*looks at horizon and sighs*

12) Who is your best friend(s)?

*perturbed* *thoughtful* *swallows, looks down* *looks up* *smiles slightly*

13) What are your hobbies?

*jacks a thumb at weaponry-laden pickup in background*

14) What is your favorite drink?

*unconcerned headshake and bright expression*

15) When is your birthday?

*grabs a free implement store calendar and a red sharpie from truck seat and circles January 18th for you*

16) What age did you die?

*curls lip and taps own collarbone*

17) Are you nice or mean?

*lays a hand heavily on your shoulder*

18) Do you have any siblings?


19) What do you think of your parents?

*(using one hand) thumbs up, points a finger, then thumbs down*

20) Do you like your school?

*skeptical expression*

21) How long can you stay under water?

*tosses you a stopwatch and points in direction of nearest lake*

22) Do you have a mission in life?

see # 8

23) Do you love someone?

*nearly tearful for a moment*

24) What's your favorite band?

*throws you a CCR tape (yes, tape) from the truck*

25) Ever worn a dress?

*smiles, looks sideways, then grins broadly*

26) Want to have kids?


27) Favorite videogame?

*eyebrow raise*

28) At night...?

*further and entirely different eyebrow raise*

29) Ever kissed anyone?

*stern* *tugs on you*

30) What's your favorite thing to touch?

*naughty look* *shaking off of naughty look, raps on hood of truck* *returns to naughty look, maintained until next question*

31) Anyone love you?

*extended soft expression*

32) What's your favorite color?

*headshake of denial, then holds up one finger, goes and indicates truck again, tracing the Chevrolet insignia* *grins*

33) When was the last time you cried?

*looks sideways, off at horizon; runs hand over nose and mouth*

34) Do you have a pet?

*shakes head*

35) Are you mad(crazy)?

*leans into your personal space*

36) What are you?

*tugs, puzzled, at own denim shirt* *raises eyebrows questioningly* *hesitates, then makes halo shape over own head using his finger*

37) What color eyes do you have?

*points to own eyes*

38) Choose: ninjas (stealth) or pirates (rum)

*pantomimes shaking a bottle of rum*

Thanks, John. We'll talk more later.

*John smiles with corners of mouth turned down, an excellent thing to get Jeffrey Dean Morgan to do for you if you can, and casually salutes*
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