Feech (feech) wrote,

A Word With (Sam Win)Chester

A Word With (Sam Win)Chester

The Players:
Sock Puppet Dean, at microphone
Sock Puppet Sam

DEAN: Okay, today we're gonna talk about Dad and Vengeance. Hi, Sam.

SAM: (Unfocused, possibly following pretty trails with his eyes) Hi.

DEAN: Let's talk about Dad, first. What would you like to share about Dad?

SAM: Dad like-- whose Dad? Yours or-- mine or-- someone else's.

DEAN: Heh. Um... We're brothers, Sam. Our Dad. We have the same Dad.

SAM: I have a brother!

DEAN: I know, Sam, I --

SAM: He's probably-- probably got a Dad.

DEAN: Sam, I'm your brother. We've got the same Dad.

SAM: I noticed something strange about you

DEAN: And what's that, Sam?

SAM: You're kind of funny-looking.

DEAN: Alright, alright, so. Our Dad's missing. Right, Sam? He's missing.

SAM: Dad's missing what-- missing his -- his keys?

DEAN: No, Sam, our father is missing like he's gone missing.

SAM: Dude. Where'd he go?

DEAN: I don't know. That's why we have to try to find him.

SAM: When we find him we can, like, ask him where he is.

DEAN: Right... Moving right along to our other topic with Sam, today, which is Vengeance... So, Sam, so when we find the thing that killed Mom--

SAM: I'll punch it.

DEAN: You'll punch-- you'll punch it? Like with your fists?

SAM: (Long pause)

DEAN: Sam?

SAM: It's on the ceiling.

DEAN: Right! The thing that killed Mom is on the ceiling. How we gonna take it out when we catch it?

SAM: I'll use firearms.

DEAN: Good. That's a good idea. Firearms. I've got plenty of firearms in the trunk.

SAM: C-- Can I use some of your firearms? Be a pal and kick me some of them big guns, Baby.

DEAN: Sam, we travel together. I'm your brother.

SAM: My brother's a little retarded. You gotta be-- gotta be tolerant.

DEAN: Re-- Retarded?! Where do you even get this stuff?

SAM: Yeah. He's insane.

DEAN: Insane.

SAM: But I'm sane. I got the sane genes. Sane in the membrane.

DEAN: Right.

SAM: I can move things with the power of my mind.

DEAN: Okay, I think we're out of time for today. Go ahead and get in the car, Buddy.

SAM: Heh-- have you noticed Dad hasn't been around lately? Dean?

DEAN: Just get in the car.
Tags: sifl and ollie, supernatural
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